The electric vehicle market is heating up, with more and more models competing for the attention of eco-conscious and tech-savvy consumers. But among the crowded field of electric SUVs, one newcomer stands out with its impressive range, performance, and design: the Fisker Ocean.

The Fisker Ocean is the first electric vehicle from Fisker Inc., a US start-up founded by renowned car designer Henrik Fisker, who previously worked on iconic models such as the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9. The Fisker Ocean is a compact SUV that aims to combine luxury, sustainability, and innovation in a stylish and affordable package.

The Fisker Ocean will be available in four trim levels: Sport, Ultra, Extreme, and One. The Sport is the base model, starting at $37,499 in the US and €41,560 in Germany. It features a single electric motor powering the front wheels, with 275 horsepower and an estimated range of 250 miles (402 km) according to the WLTP standard. The Ultra is the mid-range model, starting at $49,999 in the US and €54,560 in Germany. It features a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system with 540 horsepower and an estimated range of 300 miles (483 km) according to the WLTP standard. The Extreme is the top-of-the-line model, starting at $69,999 in the US and €69,950 in Germany.

The Fisker Ocean features a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system with 550 horsepower and an impressive range of 440 miles (707 km), according to the WLTP standard. This makes it the electric SUV with the longest range in Europe, beating rivals such as the Tesla Model X (351 miles or 565 km) and the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV (365 miles or 587 km). The Fisker Ocean One is a limited-edition model that will be available only to the first 1,000 customers who reserved the Ocean online. It features a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system with 550 horsepower and an estimated range of 350 miles (563 km) according to the WLTP standard.

The Ocean's range is achieved with a battery capacity of just over 100 kWh, which can be fast-charged at most EV charging stations. Fisker has partnered with Electrify America to provide Ocean owners with an unspecified amount of complimentary charging. The Ocean also features a revolutionary full-length solar roof called SolarSky, which can harvest the sun's rays to generate free energy for the vehicle's battery. Fisker claims that under ideal conditions, SolarSky can produce up to 2,000 clean, emissions-free miles per year.

But the Ocean is not just about range. It is also about design, comfort, and innovation. The Ocean has a sleek and sporty exterior that features the iconic Opel Vizor, which integrates the headlights, grille, and logo into a single unit. The Ocean also offers a two-tone roof and body combination and striking lightweight alloy wheels that enhance its dynamic appeal. The interior of the Ocean is equally impressive, with an all-digital Pure Panel display that simplifies and streamlines the information and controls for the driver. The Pure Panel consists of two high-resolution screens that can be customized to show relevant data and functions, such as navigation, entertainment, or Night Vision. The Night Vision system is an innovative feature that makes the Ocean stand out from the crowd. It uses an infrared camera to detect pedestrians and animals up to 100 meters away in the dark and displays them on the digital cluster. If they get too close, the Automatic Emergency Braking system also triggers.

Another innovation that enhances the safety and comfort of the Ocean is the IntelliLux LED Pixel Light headlamps, which are the next step in headlight technology. These headlamps consist of 84 segments per unit that adapt to traffic conditions by automatically switching off individual units to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers. They also provide permanent glare-free high beam for improved nighttime visibility.

The Ocean also offers premium comfort features, such as award-winning Ergonomic Active Seats that are unique in this vehicle class. These seats provide optimal support and adjustability for the driver and front passenger, reducing fatigue and back pain on long journeys. The Fisker Ocean also offers a spacious and versatile cabin, ample room for passengers and luggage, and a range of smart storage solutions.

One of the unique features of the Fisker Ocean is the California Mode, which transforms the SUV into a coastline-cruising convertible with a push of a button. California Mode opens eight glass panels simultaneously: the front windows, both rear-seat windows, both rear Doggie windows next to the D-pillar, and the Rear Lift Gate Window while opening the SolarSky roof. This allows the Ocean to let in the fresh air and natural light and load long items such as surfboards through the open rear window.

The Fisker Ocean is also a smart and connected vehicle that can be controlled and personalized through the Fisker app. The app allows the owner to communicate directly with the car through intelligent features such as Remote Locate Vehicle, Vehicle Monitoring, and Remote Climate Control. The app can also be used as the key to the vehicle, eliminating the need for a physical key fob. The Ocean also features the PowerBank system, which accesses the vehicle's battery as a multi-function mobile power source. The PowerBank system can be used to power appliances, electronics, and more through the External Power Outlet. It can also be used to run the entire home for up to seven days in case of an emergency through the PowerHouse technology. Additionally, it can be used to share power with another EV through the PowerShare feature.

The Fisker Ocean is expected to start production in Austria by contract manufacturer and partner Magna by the end of 2022. Fisker expects to receive regulatory approval of the Ocean in Europe by April 28, 2023, after which customer deliveries will occur. Fisker plans to finish 2023 with 42,000 deliveries worldwide.

The Fisker Ocean is a game-changer in the electric SUV market, offering a compelling combination of range, performance, design, and innovation at an affordable price. It is a vehicle that reflects Fisker's vision of creating a cleaner future for mobility and the planet. It is a vehicle that will make you fall in love with driving again. @via Fisker.

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