They have lasted a short time. XPeng opened reservations for the P5 electric car for European customers in March. But everyone is going to have to wait. The Chinese manufacturer does not believe it can meet the expected delivery dates of the XPeng P5 around the end of the year.

Given the uncertainty in the car industry, the XPeng manufacturer has decided not to accept more reservations in Europe. As an alternative, the XPeng P7 sedan will continue to be offered to interested customers. It's a bigger, more powerful, and more expensive model, which is a bit easier to bulk up.

The Chinese manufacturer has slowed down its sales, with almost 35,000 cars sold in the first quarter of 2022 (in all markets) compared to 41,751 units delivered in the last quarter of 2021. This is because production has not been able to move forward due to the pandemic in China, which has caused interruptions in the supply chain. However, Chinese customers are a priority for XPeng, and the marketing of the P5 electric car continues as it was.

Meanwhile, the priority for Europe is the XPeng P7 electric sedan. XPeng delivered the first P7 to a European customer in December. More deliveries are planned for the second quarter of next year. The XPeng P5 electric car can hardly come sooner unless production can be accelerated substantially.

The XPeng P7 has a price of 64,000 euros in its version with 530 kilometers of autonomy (WLTP) through the NEM (New Energy Mobility) importer.

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