The Peugeot Inception Concept paves the way for the future with an innovative design that promises a new way of driving. With a sense of Allure, you can have an attractive and appealing attitude. It shows that you have a positive outlook and are ready to face future challenges with a new, revolutionary way of driving that makes driving more natural. It opens up new possibilities with a bold design based on platforms made just for electric cars, which adds to the excellence of the Peugeot Inception.

The name "Inception" comes from the Latin word "inceptio," which means "to start." With its futuristic design, the Peugeot Inception Concept offers a unique experience and paves the way for Peugeot's new future.

Peugeot is changing, but you can tell immediately that the Peugeot Inception Concept is a Peugeot. Peugeot Design Director Matthias Hossann said, "It shows the timeless appeal of Peugeot and how optimistic we are about the car's future and the feelings it evokes."

Stellantis has made four new platforms for electric cars, and one of them is what the Peugeot Inception Concept is built on. They were made just for electric cars, so their architecture and design are very different. The platforms also have new electrical modules called STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit, and STLA Autodrive run by artificial intelligence.

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With 800-volt technology, the Peugeot Inception Concept has an electric range of 800 km and uses only 12.5 kWh per 100 km, which is very low. The battery can be quickly charged. There is also the option to charge wirelessly, which means there is no need for a charging cable.

The Peugeot Inception Concept is powered by two electric motors, one in the back and one in the front. Together, they have a total output of 680 horsepower (500 kW), which means that Inception can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds. The Peugeot Inception Concept can also be driven with "steer-by-wire" technology, which is made possible by the new platform.

The Peugeot Inception Concept shows a new way of designing Peugeot cars based on the brand's history but has a new look that represents the future and digitization. From 2025 on, Peugeot will use the new design language for all of its new cars.

From the side, the body looks like a sedan and has a strong punch like a new electric car. The glass panes have a special coating on them that filters the light from the outside in a way that looks good. This makes the inside and the outside look good together.

The doors have new AI technology that can tell who is driving and who is a passenger. Based on who is driving, the interior of the car is changed. On the new 20-inch wheels, an illuminated lion logo doesn't move as the wheels spin.

The Peugeot 208 was the first car to have the i-Cockpit driver environment. A Hypersquare control system has changed it even more, bringing Peugeot into the future of driving.

A touch screen in the middle of the room lets you control everything with your fingers. The cluster is joined by a second screen that shows information and entertainment for the driver.

The Peugeot Inception Concept has a technology called "steer-by-wire" (We have see this in the Lexus RZ 450e). This means that the mechanical steering has been replaced with electronic steering. This is made possible by a specially made steering wheel and a new, more straightforward design for the driver's cabin.

The Peugeot Inception Concept shows how the interiors of larger electric cars could be designed to give drivers a new feeling. Longer seat positions provide the best comfort and can be changed to fit each driver's needs. For a better visibility, the interior parts have been moved lower. This means, among other things, that the old instrument panel has been replaced by the new i-Cockpit, which is placed low.

The whole idea behind the Peugeot Inception Concept is to be environmentally friendly. The inside and the outside are made of carefully processed recycled materials to make them as strong and durable as possible.

The Peugeot Inception Concept shows how optimistic Peugeot is about the future. It is based on the company's core values of Allure, Emotion, and Excellence and takes Peugeot into a new era. From 2025 on, all Peugeot cars will be based on the Peugeot Inception Concept.

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