One of every five MINIs sold in Europe now is a MINI Electric, thanks to the launch of the MINI Cooper SE electric convertible three years ago. Starting later this year, MINI will begin rolling out its new electrified core family, which will consist of a 3-door model (MINI Cooper), a crossover in the small car market (MINI Aceman), and a crossover in the compact vehicle segment (MINI Countryman).

The new MINI Cooper SE Cabriolet, widely regarded as the first mass-produced electric convertible, will have made its debut by then.

Dimensions, including the trunk's 160 l load volume, are the same as in the regular combustion engine MINI Cabriolet at 3,863 mm in length, 2,495 mm in width, and 1,727 mm in height.

The new MINI Cooper SE Cabriolet is powered by an electric engine that produces 135 kW/184 hp, allowing it to go from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds. Stunning out-of-town jaunts with the top-down are on the itinerary, thanks to a range of up to 201 kilometers (WLTP test cycle). Automatically opening and closing at rates of up to 30 kilometers per hour is a textile roof in the iconic Union Jack design.

MINI will only make 999 MINI Cooper SE Cabriolet electric convertibles for the whole European market this year. There will be two color options for the electric convertible, "mysterious black" and "white silver." Both colorways are available with eye-catching golden and glossy black exterior accents. The luxurious leather upholstery perfectly complements the rest of the car. The front seats and the steering wheel may be heated for those chilly summer evening drives.

MINI has stated in the past that it will only produce all-electric vehicles. MINI cars with internal combustion engines will no longer be produced after 2025. More than half of MINI's global sales will be of all-electric cars by 2027, and by the early 2030s, MINI will be a completely battery-powered brand.

Marius Tegneby said: "Only a small number of MINI Cooper SE Cabriolet electric convertible cars will be imported, so fans who wish to experience the electric and unique MINI feeling beneath the open sky."

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