With the same battery size, the new Aptera electric car promises more than twice as much range as the Tesla Model S “Long Range” version. The three-wheeled electric car should bring it to a maximum range of 1,600 kilometres. This exceptionally long-range is especially from the low drag coefficient. Aptera has only 2 seats.

Now, Aptera be can be ordered for a refundable reservation fee of $100. The front-wheel-drive electric car with 100 kW and the smallest range is available for 21,350 euros. The tiny 25 kWh battery pack would enable a range of around 400 km. The variant with a 100 kWh battery relies on an all-wheel-drive with 150 kW / 203 hp and a range of over 1,600 km. Also available are the 40 kWh battery (640 km) and a 60 kWh battery (965 km).

The Aptera electric car can rely on the power of the sun for around 72 km on, particularly sunny days. It should therefore be possible to drive purely electrically without charging the battery. 

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If you now calculate the consumption down, you get almost 16 km per kWh, so the efficiency is almost twice the performance of the Lucid Air. This is possible because the Aptera relies on a very light structure. In addition, it consists of only four parts, which also makes production much easier than with a normal car. Another important point for the efficiency of the Aptera is the 0.13 drag coefficient.

The Aptera Paradigm will hit the streets in three different exterior colours: Noir (black), Luna (silver) and Sol (white). Inside, buyers can choose between Vida (light coral colours), Coast (sand and blue) and Codex (earth tones). The upgrade options include a so-called solar sail which alone should contribute 38 km to the solar-electric range.

Other upgrades include sound, SafetyPilot (autonomous driving assistant level 2), integrated tent, off-road kit and customer-specific indoor and outdoor options. The prices for these options have not yet been announced either.

Relying on solar power, Aptera claims to be the first electric car that doesn't require charging for regular daily use.

@ https://www.aptera.us/

Update 1. I've just found it's name: Aptera Paradigm.

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